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Made a facebook page!

2011-03-03 09:18:58 by FightingFire

EEEyup. I did that. made a facebook, and here it is.

I love the new My Little Pony show. That's it. I love that show. Post over, sleep time.

Rainbow Dash is my Favorite.

Piano time!

2011-01-16 15:38:53 by FightingFire

Got an electric piano in my basement. Now I can surf the intrawebs, and practice and compose at the same time! Also, this piano has great touch and the zurna. I love the zurna.

Seriously, all I have is garageband's software instruments, and they are terrible. I know I'm complaining right now, but it is really tough to work with, especially for techno or house song, as the drums are horrid. I need to find a cheap synth, drum machine, mixer, powerful computer, and music studio software to get started, and that is expensive.

If any of you know of cheap mixers, or good priced software or other stuff, hit me up. I would really like to work on something more powerful, and really stretch out my legs. On an unrelated note, I am on Sound Cloud now, but I am waiting for the system upgrade before uploading anything. Man, those guys are serious business.

Peace, FF out.

Da da da.

2010-09-16 22:08:28 by FightingFire

I writing more songs! They suck! Hooray! Most are made in 20 min! Hooray! I wish I had fruity loops or reason! Hooray! HOORAY!!!!!! HHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRAA AAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good, News everyone!

2010-09-10 19:35:33 by FightingFire

I have successfully made a song in 20 min. Isn't that great? It's not very good as is, and I will probably be tweaking it later on, be feel comfort in the knowledge that techno songs can actually take that long to make. Seriously, 20 min?

I dunno

2010-09-04 23:36:59 by FightingFire

I have nothing tto say at the moment.

Uploaded Stuffs

2010-08-01 03:18:08 by FightingFire

Whelp, I uploaded a few of the things from the ol' hard drive, and I am still awaiting a new computer so I can run reason or fruity Loops. Anyways, I have yet to upload my favorite of the trio of songs, but it will be up shortly. Like tomorrow.

On my mind

2010-07-09 15:19:32 by FightingFire

Well, I just finished my first playthrough of Tales of Symphonia, and it was great. I know it's a bit old, but whatever. I am still waiting on audio approval, but I think that it is a while off. Since I don't have the best mixing software (working with Garageband) my stuff doesn't have good quality samples.
Anyway, waiting on my friend to come back to town so that I can work on programming with him. Mostly bug fixes and whatever, but I still need his help with the code, as he did most of the programming for the game. I hope to finish it up by August, but it will most likely not be submitted here.


2010-06-15 04:13:50 by FightingFire

Still waiting on audio approval. For around 4 days. I'm not sure, but I imagined it to be a lot faster than this. Still working on some new piano Waltz for lessons, but that won't be up for a while. Peace.